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What options are offered by FluctisHosting for Minecraft game hosting. Server locations, reviews, features, cost per game slot

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All our services come with the TCAdmin control panel. This offers maximum features and usability with regular updates.

Instant Setup
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Last reviews about FluctisHosting:
TrustPilot rating 2.8 / 5
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    The service is cheap but the quality is…

    The service is cheap but the quality is not that good. My website is down all the time. Which is something you do not wish when running a webstore...
    Also the owner let's his family and friends write 5 star reviews.
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    Apart from slow, cryptic support...

    Disclaimer: It is true that Fluctus Support is slow and cryptic, but apart from that...
    In my own experience, you cannot find better hosting anywhere for the same money (at least not on the Fluctis Premium plans) if you know what you are doing and can deal with some very-brief support responses that can be frustrating when they leave you having to figure some things out on your own. Overall, I began with a Realm a little over two years ago, then tried McProHosting for a while, then installed Java and Minecraft alongside a website I manage at BlueHost, then moved to VPSCraft with a true VPS (CentOS and cPanel as well as Minecraft to manage), then ultimately landed at Fluctis where I can run 20 players lag-free on 4GB for $15.00 per month. Those are the hard facts in my own case, and all else is mere commentary!
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    Terrible Scam Artists

    Terrible have been with them for 5 years. Recently requested a refund on a minecraft server after 6 hours of purchasing as to put it off for a couple months. They reply to the ticket with their going to contact a supervisor then no replys and then they close the ticket. Stay away from them . Save your money

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