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What options are offered by Plesfore for Minecraft game hosting. Server locations, reviews, features, cost per game slot

Fast and stable Minecraft servers. Best for playing with friends. Build awesome structures together.
Work as a team to survive and fight the Ender Dragon.
Explore the Nether with friends watching your back.

Keep multiple worlds and switch them like in a single game
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What's included

Free 8-Hour Trial

Create a server without paying, and try it out for 8 hours. If you like it, order a subscription.

DDoS Protection

All our hosting comes with automated protection from attackers, so that your servers are never effected.

Instant setup

The very second we receive payment for your order your services are up and ready for you to start using them!

Alternative to Minecraft Realms

Private game server is a great and cheaper alternative to Realms.

Different game modes

We support classic survival (with pvp and pve scenario), creative and hardcore worlds

Control Panel

Simple, but very useful admin panel to control the game and its settings.

FTP Access

You can view and upload files to your directory.

Multiple worlds on a single plan

You may keep multiple worlds and switch between them. You can upload your local single player game and start continue to play it with your friends. You can download the world form the server and run it locally.


You can back your files up and restore if needed.

Strong Server Setup

8 core CPU, 32GB ECC RAM, SSD, Linux OS

Awesome Support

Fast and friendly support team, here anytime you need help from us.

Powerful & cheap Minecraft server rental

Choose the best dedicated Minecraft server hosting. Fair price and guarantied resources.

Game status view
Manage game settings
Start/Stop/Restart/Rebuild server
Manage users
File system view
Resources view
FTP Access
Send commands
... and many more soon!

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