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Minecraft server hosting – game information
Minecraft offers players of all ages a possibility to build their own world made out of three dimensional blocks. In order to play onnline with friends, you will need to host a Minecraft server. Rent a Minecraft Server using the new ZAP 2.0 web interface now! With Survival Mode, activities like exploring, crafting and fighting have become more important as a means to get crucial ressources , tools and blocks.

One of Minecraft most popular features is the games mod support, client as well as server side. Therefore it’s the players who contribute significantly towards the development of the game by making items, textures, enemies or even new mechanics available to others (for free). Entire game mods can be installed on your Minecraft server, so if you want to host your own MC Server with all the mods you ever wanted, you can rent your own server within minutes.

To share your experience with others, you will need access to multiplayer. Rent your own low priced prepaid Minecraft server und start playing instantly. Our web interface allows to change any setting in no time at all and you will be having the possibility – thanks to our free FTP access – to add any mod and plugin you want to your server. Minecraft server hosting with no waiting times – all MC Servers are installed and set up automatically within minutes.

Rent your prepaid Minecraft server
Our automatic setup system ensures that your Minecraft game server is fully set up within minutes after payment has been received. Your Minecraft Cauldron Server is of course already completely preconfigured and ready to use. You just have to start your server and then you can connect directly to the IP and the port.

With your Minecraft server you get free FTP access, which allows you to upload files to your server. This allows you to easily install mods and plugins as well as simply uninstall them. Simply upload the files to the appropriate folder and reboot the server. If you have a lot of mods or plugins installed, a RAM boost can be advisable. Just like with any other upgrade, you can do this with just a few clicks via our up/downgrade interface.

If you ordered a Minecraft server with its own IP address, you will even get the default port for your server. This means that you do not have to remember the port, but can simply use the standard Minecraft port 25565. Our game cloud allows you to switch to another Minecraft mod pack or even another game at any time – all within seconds. Obviously, your default port will remain even after a game change.

Minecraft servers instantly online & DDoS protected
To ensure that your server does not suffer from performance breakdowns, even with high mod and plugin loads, your server will only be installed on current and powerful hardware. Likewise, you get free DDoS protection with your Minecraft game server. This effectively prevents DDoS attacks from the outside. If an attack takes place, you will not even get that while you are playing. If you have a game server with its own IP address, you even get administrative access to the protection and can view the attack log. The combination of DDoS protection and branded hardware ensures a smooth gameplay. Likewise, we can promise you the best possible playing experience.

If you have any further questions or if you have problems setting up your Minecraft server, we will be glad to help you. Just get in touch with our support team and we will deal with your problem or question and come to a solution together with you. You contact us daily from 10:30 AM MEZ – 11:00 PM MEZ via live chat, ticket, e-mail. You also have the option to ask your question to the end of this page of course and have our question and our answer seen by everyone.

SSD server for lightning-fast chunk processing and best Minecraft performance
Intel E5-2650v4 processors provide high-performance servers for lag-free gaming
328GB DDR4-RAM host systems offer enough power for all your plugins and more
Full access via FTP, updates can be installed at the click of a mouse
InGame console for sending commands etc.
Online configuration editor for understanding and editing server settings
Backups: Create and import with a click of the mouse
Livechat support so that you can gamble again as soon as possible in case of problems
Prepaid function if you do not want to have a contract
Many payment methods including credit card, PaySafeCard and PayPal

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    I have a fivem server and work's great
    I have a fivem server and work's great. Recomand Zap-Hosting.
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    Great host
    Great host, good resources, instant install of fivem and associated starter resources.
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    very nice
    very nice and smooth experience at zap-hosting. and there new 2.0 web interface is amazing

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