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Our Minecraft hosting is for high-performance servers that want zero lag, excellent fast response support and customizable options to change both the jar file used, the Java version and easily scalable when you reach the memory limits. Upgrade the memory of your server with ease. We also have mods in the mod manager consisting of DireWold, Feed The Beast CrackPack, Feed The Beast Infinity, Feed The Beast SkyFactory, Infinity Evolved Skyblock, Pixelmon, and more added all of the time.

With our 24-hour support you will never be without the help you need to get your server exactly how you want.

Game Switching
Get bored with Minecraft? You can Game Switch to any other game we host with our easy switching tool. Switch back anytime you want.

Offsite Backups
We zip up your Minecraft server on every reboot and upload it to our offsite backup NAS. You will never lose data at GTX. We hold data from every reboot for 60 days.

True Instant Setup
Our automation means your Minecraft server will be up instantly no matter what time of day it is. As soon as you order go to the client area, services and get your username and password.

Schedule Rcon
You can schedule any rcon command to be sent to your Minecraft server, for instance, save the world or send a message. This means you can send a message before a scheduled server update or reboot.

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TrustPilot rating 4.8 / 5
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    I'm very happy with the service I get from GTX, so no complaints from me.

    I've been using GTX for a few years now for our gaming server, team-speak and website, and recently started using them for my business website as well, customer support for the most part is very good, they are always happy to help where they can, reliability is very good and when there does happen to be an issue at the data-center they get straight on it. generally I'm very happy with the service I get from them, so yep no complaints from me.
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    From the get go i knew gtxgaming would…

    From the get go i knew gtxgaming would be better than my previous hosting service. Support is spot on and my ticket was answered within 3 minutes. 10/10 for configurability. 10/10 support
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    The server is so easy to create And set…

    The server is so easy to create And set up, i had to ask the support a few times, but they answered quick, And that i could get what they mean. Definetly 5 stars

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